Surf Timer / Bhop / Climb Rules

  • Server Rules:

    • Voice and text chat is German and English only.
    • No Hacking / Cheating / Scripting / Exploiting
    • Do not chat or mic spam. This can include: screaming, playing music, making random noises, holding down the talk button for an extensive amount of time, etc
    • Do not post inappropriate links (screamers, gory websites, pornography, etc)
    • Abusing !calladmin will be punished with a 3 day ban so be sure you have a good reason for calling an admin.
    • Do not impersonate admins
    • No advertising or begging
    • Do not harass, be racist or disrespect players and admins
    • Do not exploit or show other players exploits
    • The admin's word is final.

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